There are over 100 stickers in this project — each with a different phrase, printed in batches of 10 or more — and they have been placed and documented in many cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Our lives are overwhelmingly full. We simply can’t handle every detail, and so we train ourselves into routine behaviors—avoid eye contact on the subway; don’t stand too close; stay to the right on the stairs. This sort of collective agreement allows our densely-populated areas to function smoother than otherwise possible. As a result, we all have many things we have to take for granted. We have to make decisions both large and small, after all, but do we understand what is that we think we know?

On a very basic level, what if no one has ever told you that you’re a bad kisser? Take a moment to consider the implications—what if you’ve gone through years of relationships without anyone telling you? Would you want to know? What else do you think you know? Are you sure about that? What if you’re wrong?

We trust in the everyday; we have to. But as much as they can help, our everyday beliefs also cage us. Doubts undermine those beliefs. They unsettle and disrupt the prescribed path. As you move and breathe and look around, try to keep these questions in mind—the answers just might be important.