bringing clarity & definition to ambiguous & complicated systems through a deep understanding of both humans & technology


I've made a career solving problems that require a deep understanding of both humans & technology. From simulating emergencies for UNICEF to re-imagining BMW's digital platforms, I've brought clarity & definition to ambiguous & complicated problems. If you have a problem you want solved that doesn’t fit neatly into a department or title — that’s for me.

I currently work in the Privacy & Data Protection Office at Google, helping bring clarity to complicated problems at planet-scale.

Previously I worked as the Director of Product Strategy at KBS, where I oversaw enterprise-scale digital initiatives and helped articulate & evangelize product & experience strategy for the agency.

Before that, I worked as the Director for Digital Innovation with Group SJR, a 50-person branded content agency, serving as the lead for digital projects. 

I spent 2011 and 2012 working as Project Lead and Product Designer on the UNICEF Emergency Response Simulation, a project I developed from initial proof-of-concept through multiple releases as part of a partnership between UNICEF Innovations and frog design

When not doing that, I sometimes work on exertion interfaces like this movement prototyping system

I designed and built immersive games and game controllers at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Before that, I studied Historiography and Public Art at Oberlin College.

I've worked in museums and in forensic computing, I've trained in survival techniques and stunt work, and I've built all kinds of things - from furniture, bikes, and fences to workstations, servers, and network-attached-storage systems.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me at andrew at andrewstyer dot net. If you'd rather look at a resume, you can find one of those here.